The Truth About Current Job Market Statistics: It’s Not That There Aren’t Jobs

At first glance, current job market statistics might seem perplexing. Employment rates are sluggish, even nearly five years after the recent recession ended. With millions of people unsuccessful at finding work, one might assume there simply aren’t enough jobs available. But that’s not necessarily the case.  There are actually millions of positions open throughout the nation. So why can’t all these out-of-work folks just fill the empty slots? To put it bluntly, they’re unqualified.

Today’s hottest jobs require more education than professions of the past. To land a position in industries like education, business, or healthcare, a job seeker will most likely need a postsecondary education, plus established proof of advanced critical thinking and communication skills. This infographic, from How Do I Become A…?, explains the situation more in depth.

How do you think a more educated population will impact job market statistics?

Unfilled Jobs, Unskilled Labor
Source: How Do I Become A?