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Three Seemingly Obvious but Often Forgotten Tips for Going Back to School

Penny Pinchers Unite!

After working at CSU OnlinePlus for just shy of 6 months, I’ve already earned the title of “Budget Queen.” I’m that girl in line at the store who doesn’t need my receipt because I’ve already written the total in my check register and balanced it. And no, I don’t write checks – I use my debit card, but I track everything. My original intent for this blog was to offer a few common money saving tips that could help you cover the expenses that hit as the semester begins. I feel your pain. My husband is finishing his teaching degree, and with the end of summer came a shiny new charge to the credit card from the school’s bookstore.

Who has time to cook?

When you add the homework, lectures, and studying that comes with pursuing an online degree, to the many hats you already wear – mom, husband, small business owner, PTA member, dad, little league coach, wife, manager, oh yea, and then there’s that part-time social life you used to have – who has time to cook? Well, you have to eat, and since many of you are also responsible for feeding a family, we’re arming you with 10 quick, healthy, 5-ingredient (in addition to common household things like salt and pepper) meals to set your table with this semester.

career planning

Get the Most Out of Your Associate’s – Turn It Into a Bachelor’s

Congratulations to those of you who have just graduated with your associate’s degree! Did you know that you can use those credits to continue on to a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University OnlinePlus? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates. In a 2010 survey of annual averages for persons age 25 and over, working full time, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns $1,084 a month more than someone with an associate’s degree.

Physical exercise for brain power

Two-Birds-With-One-Stone Study Breaks

It’s hard not to feel stressed and overworked by the hectic pace of an uber-connected society that moves at the speed of MyFaceTwitSpaceBlackBookBerry, and that’s just the life of a regular student. Throw in your day-to-day soccer mom and/or working professional duties – not to mention the fact that it is finals week – and your life just hit hyper-speed. Before you go into meltdown mode, make yourself take a breather. Contrary to popular belief, you do have time; study breaks can help you relieve stress and will actually help you study more effectively!

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