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Why Public Institutions Are Best-Suited to Serve Adult Students

Today’s growing student debt reflects growing higher education demand, shortage of supply, price increases, a few unscrupulous players who leverage the 90% of tuition federal student debt rule for investor profits, and cut-backs in state support of traditional campuses. The solution is competition from public providers at in-state pricing that can grow to serve the needs of millions of adult students.

How online classes work

2011 Trends

A few trends that took hold in 2011 are very interesting. First, the emergence of public/private partnerships – like Arizona State University with Pearson/eCollege and Educating Sales and Marketing. In this example, a Carnegie 1 research campus publicly announced a goal of growing to 100,000 distance students and using private money and methods to manage the marketing, recruiting retention, and business challenges.

academic goals target

Failing to Succeed

One of my ‘truths’ from 35 years of management, entrepreneurship, and leadership is that the line between good and bad decision makers is much narrower than most people think. In fact, business decisions are only about 50 percent likely to be right. Even great decision makers are only right about 60 percent of the time. So, what really drives the difference between great business people and average or bad business people?

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