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What’s a Land Grant University, and Why Should I Care?

It started with a realization in the 1860s, commonplace now, but at that time a rather groundbreaking notion: education that was only available to the upper classes just didn’t suit a democratic society. Honest Abe agreed, and signed the Morrill Act into law, providing for grants of public land to establish colleges. In 1870 then-Territorial Governor Edward MCook authorized the creation of what today is called Colorado State University.

Flexible studying

Writing a statement of purpose

For any writing assignment, the first questions to ask yourself are, “Why am I writing this? What is my goal?” In the case of a statement of purpose (SOP), the goal is to introduce yourself to the admissions committee, and provide them information that might not be covered by other application pieces (transcripts, test scores, etc.). Your ultimate goal is to convince the committee that (a) the program you’ve chosen to pursue fits your future goals and your past academic experience, (b) you understand what the program will demand of you and what you can bring to the program, and (c) that you have strong potential for excelling in graduate school.

Minimum admission requirements – one step at a time

When comparing master’s degree programs in a given discipline, you’ll see that different institutions have different undergraduate degree and prerequisite coursework requirements (and even within institutions like Colorado State, those requirements can vary even from degree to degree). Figuring out how to get those requirements completed can be confusing. So let’s break it down.

How to know when to drop a course

Preparing for the GRE General Test

No one relishes the idea of taking the GRE (Graduate Records Exam) – but it is still one of the best predictors for success in graduate school, and a way for application reviewers to apply a common standard when assessing prospective students. As Douglas MacArthur said, “Preparedness is the key to success,” so here are some tips that I hope will help as you prepare for the GRE.

Financial Aid Part II: Scholarships

On a previous post, Mike covered the basics on how to apply for financial aid. In this post is a brief look at scholarships for graduate students. There are many scholarship links out there, so I’ll focus on one. Here’s the link to Colorado State University’s Student Financial Services scholarship webpage.

Asynchronous Communication Benefits of Online Learning

What is a classroom?

The answer used to be pretty straightforward: “a room in a school where lessons take place.” Online students for many years have decided the physical location of their classroom, but beyond issues of location, there is still much to be discussed about what constitutes our definition of, and perception of, a classroom.

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