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Career Planning: How a Global Perspective Can Influence Your Degree Choice, Part Two

Thinking of Starting a Food Business? Online Course Helps You Meet Regulations

Do you make the best salsa this side of… well, anywhere? Have you thought about making a little extra tuition money by selling it at a Farmer’s Market or roadside stand? If so, we have a new food safety course on its way in March that will make it possible for you to move forward. …

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How Do Continuing Education Units Work?

Many professions require Continuing Education Units or CEUs as a measurement of continued learning in the profession. Some change the name just a bit, for example, Veterinary Continuing Education Units (VEU) or Professional Development Units (PDU). Some offer both CEUs and a Certificate of Completion like our Regulatory Affairs program. Different groups have different requirements, but for the “generic” units, it is typically 10 or 15 hours of instruction per unit, although PDUs are 1:1.

Preparing Your Family for Your Return to College

You are registered for your courses, you have your books, you have your workspace organized; now all you need to do is start your courses – right? Maybe. Do you have children or other household members like a spouse, roommate, and/or pets? If you do, you will want to prepare them for your return to school as well. Of course they are all supportive and eager for you to grow and move forward, but do they – and do you – know what that means to them?

Paying for College

Advanced Degree Earns You More Moolah

According to CNN Money, 2011 college graduates will see an average starting salary increase over the 2010 graduates of 3.5%. The “big winners,” as far as starting salaries go, are engineers – averaging $60,000 plus, while across all majors (including non-engineers), the starting salaries average just above $50,000.

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Taking Graduate Courses Prior to Admission

You’ve decided you want to earn your master’s or doctoral degree from Colorado State University, maybe you have submitted your application and supporting documents, or maybe you want to “try it before you buy it” to see if your life really is ready to take on this commitment, but you know you are ready to learn – now what?

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