Zachary Mcfarlane

Why You Should Use Your G.I. Bill Benefits (Wisely) and Get to School

“I will not allow you to be stupid! Not signing up for G.I. Bill benefits isn’t even an option for you, you bunch of little ostrich goobers,” our company commander told every member of Bravo 146 during our first week of Coast Guard boot camp. He of course said this with a glare that left …

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Writing a Thesis #1: Picking a Topic

A year and a half ago, fellow OnlinePlus blog contributor, Teddy Parker-Renga, and I began pursuing our Master of Science in Public Communication and Technology degrees from Colorado State University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Prior to beginning, I knew that I would have to complete a thesis, but honestly, I didn’t really know what that would entail. Since then, we’ve both learned a lot, and, over the next few weeks, plan to share some tips we’ve gleaned along the way.

Choosing the Right College: What Should Be the Most Important Deciding Factor?

Add “Make To Do List” to My To Do List

Last night, I was finally able to sit in the tiniest of corners in my new basement. It took me over an hour to clear out enough moving boxes to fit the desk into that little nook. Another few minutes to set the computer up and find an outlet. Then there was a minute or two where my wife had to come and make sure she liked the look of my little haven, aesthetically of course. As a newlywed, I’m learning that it isn’t always about functionality. Who knew? But, the entire scene was consistent with my life for the last month or two – scattered and jumbled, little crazy, yet, somehow, productive and fulfilling.

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