Defending the Frontline

Defending the Frontline

They would not want you to call them heroes, but they are.

They would say they are just doing their job.

They drive cool trucks that make cool sounds and help people. They are the ones we looked up to as kids.

Saturday pancake breakfasts at the local fire station are something I looked forward to as a child, especially the days when I could climb on the firetruck or slide down the pole. If I was lucky, I’d hear the alarm sound and the truck would roar out onto the streets. There were lives to be saved, fires to be put out, and children to be rescued.

CSU Online students take action

Lieutenant Charlie Kimball of the Bellevue Fire Department in Washington State
CSU Online student
Lieutenant Charlie Kimball of the Bellevue Fire Department in Washington State, CSU Online Student

And now, amid a worldwide pandemic, they are defending the frontlines, doing their jobs, being heroes. Often, they are the first to encounter someone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. They are rising to new challenges, new procedures, and are part of the collective effort to contain COVID-19 with each call.

Over 50 current CSU Online student-professionals in the Fire and Emergency Services Administration program (FESA) are applying the skills and knowledge they have learned to day to day operations. Read about their experiences as they serve their communities around the country.

Real Life Success

Emergency personnel look to programs like the CSU Online FESA degree to prepare for the future. The FESA program prepares you with critical thinking skills to lead a team in situations you could never imagine. Experienced instructors challenge students with case studies, analysis, and practical knowledge to advance their careers. The ability to complete your degree online, from anywhere at your own pace allows you to fit your goals into your schedule.

The classes that are offered at Colorado State are completely applicable to day-to-day operations of the fire department. It’s opened my eyes to theories and ideas of how local government works, how federal government works, and how fire service works overall. This degree helps me become better at my career and my profession. Ralph King, online FESA student

Ralph King, Fire Captain, Clark County Fire Department, NV never questioned that he would be a firefighter. He knew when he was a toddler that he would follow in his dad’s footsteps. Ralph found the CSU Online FESA program searching for reputable, quality degrees that would enhance his technical training. The FESA program provided him with the expertise to expand his career into a leadership position.

If you are interested in opportunities in fire and emergency services, learn more about the online FESA Bachelor Degree through CSU.

The world needs more heroes.

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