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Time, Talk, Technology: Being An Interactive Student

All in all, online education sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Taking the steps to change my life situation while I’m still in my pajamas? Being able to work from anywhere? The ability to schedule classes and study sessions around my full time job? Sign me up! Yes, there are a lot of advantages to online education, but there are also some common difficulties people run into during the course of a class. What are these snags and how can you avoid them? I’m glad you asked!

Choosing the Right College: What Should Be the Most Important Deciding Factor?

Where do you study?

So you’ve signed up for continuing ed classes! Now it’s time to get organized. You are not a student destined to sit in classes in specific rooms at specific times, but the very flexibility you have learning at a distance creates study space issues that you have to address. You may have chosen online classes so that you can work from home or build your coursework into your travel schedule. You may even be planning to study from your favorite coffee shop or take tests in your pajamas!

Continuing Education: Why?

With fall looming, schools across the nation are preparing for the flood of new, bright young minds. University classrooms are filling with young adults, in varying stages of autonomy, excited and vaguely nervous. Although the ages and subjects range, one common factor is a physical classroom with four walls, seats of some kind and an instructor. Welcome to a different type of classroom that has no motivational quotations or posters of kittens dangling precariously from tree branches!

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