Universities Take Digital Learning Tools into their Own Hands

Digital Learning

Both instructors and students alike would attest that digital learning platforms have become indispensable to college courses. The process of digitally housing and sharing assignments, discussions and learning materials has transformed the way we teach and learn, be it on campus or online. But these platforms have traditionally been created as one-size-fits-all interfaces that don’t necessarily cater to individual institutions’ needs.

That’s all about to change, however, as Colorado State University and three other leading U.S. research institutions announced recently they are launching a new consortium which will provide digital education services developed by and for member institutions.

The consortium, known as Unizin, aims to improve the tools faculty need to enhance education and better serve students. It’s touted as “tipping the table in favor of the academy by collectively owning the essential infrastructure that enables digital learning on our campuses and beyond.”

In other words, universities are taking the reins when it comes to developing the platforms that facilitate flow of course materials, class interactions, and student data. Read more about how Colorado State University, and the other Unizin partners are transforming the future of digital learning platforms.

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  1. This is very important that students have got this fortune that the universities in which they are studying have all digital learning tools in their hands. It helps them to work on their digital field as they get all digital tools help from their university only.

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