moms going back to school

Moms Go Back to School: Three Inspiring Stories for Mother’s Day

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re honoring all the moms out there who are students. From the stay-at-home-mom going back to school to the working professional earning advanced credentials, we salute you. A lot of amazing moms have earned their degrees online at Colorado State University, check out a few of their stories:

Emily Dinwiddie endured a trying pregnancy while working on her master’s—find out what happened:

Carolyn Nelson left school to get married and raise her family, then returned to finish her degree nearly three decades later—see how she did it:

Shanole Stein finished her bachelor’s while still being able to be home with her kids—this is how she made it work:

Share these videos with moms, or anyone you know who could use a little inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day!

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