Going Back to School

Three Seemingly Obvious but Often Forgotten Tips for Going Back to School

Penny Pinchers Unite!

After working at CSU OnlinePlus for just shy of 6 months, I’ve already earned the title of “Budget Queen.” I’m that girl in line at the store who doesn’t need my receipt because I’ve already written the total in my check register and balanced it. And no, I don’t write checks – I use my debit card, but I track everything. My original intent for this blog was to offer a few common money saving tips that could help you cover the expenses that hit as the semester begins. I feel your pain. My husband is finishing his teaching degree, and with the end of summer came a shiny new charge to the credit card from the school’s bookstore.

Preparing Your Family for Your Return to College

You are registered for your courses, you have your books, you have your workspace organized; now all you need to do is start your courses – right? Maybe. Do you have children or other household members like a spouse, roommate, and/or pets? If you do, you will want to prepare them for your return to school as well. Of course they are all supportive and eager for you to grow and move forward, but do they – and do you – know what that means to them?

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Get the Most Out of Your Associate’s – Turn It Into a Bachelor’s

Congratulations to those of you who have just graduated with your associate’s degree! Did you know that you can use those credits to continue on to a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University OnlinePlus? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates. In a 2010 survey of annual averages for persons age 25 and over, working full time, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns $1,084 a month more than someone with an associate’s degree.

What’s the Value of Continuing Education? It Depends on Your Priorities

Congratulations Graduates!

In the words of Alice Cooper, and all of our students are aware, “school’s out for summer,” and for those of you who have just completed your degree, forever. I wanted to take this time to congratulate you on your accomplishment. We look forward to the world-altering changes that each of you will make as you move forward. We hope your time spent with us has helped you reach your goals – both educational and professional.

Why Are We Here?

Every now and then people in any business get caught up in the process of that business. The problem comes when they lose sight of their goal. Our goal in higher education is simple: help students learn and succeed. That’s why we’re here!


Transferring credit: We just can’t tell you over the phone

While it is possible for students to apply previously completed, relevant coursework towards a degree to which they are considering applying, there are usually too many variables for staff to give you an immediate answer. At CSU Continuing Education, that answer depends on the school(s) you attended, the degree to which you’re applying, the specific courses required for that degree, and CSU’s transfer credit rules.

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Myth #1 of online education: You are on your own.

As an online or distance education student, it can be easy to imagine that you’re on this ride alone. After all, you don’t physically interact with student or teachers and that can give you the illusion of isolation. Well, you’re not alone. Not only are there other students that you can (and should) connect to through classroom chatboards, facebook groups and other forms of fora, instructors have also signed on to go through this journey with you. One such instructor in Colorado State University’s Adult Education and Training (AET) program is Dr. Jeff Foley

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