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academic goals target

Two Ways to Get Back on Track with Your Studies

It’s a common problem: You have goals and plan how to achieve them. But when it comes time to implement your plan, somehow things go wrong. What happened? Bad habits, interruptions, competing priorities, or any number of other obstacles can derail the best-laid plans. Luckily, recent psychological research has revealed insights that can be helpful …

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Tips for Healthy Relationships

Volunteering – Help Yourself While Helping Others

Are you stressed out because you are unemployed and need extra experience to put on your resume? Or, are you trying to change your career and want to learn more about the industry you are now interested in? Or, are you simply stressed at work and need something outside your job to help you relax and feel better about yourself? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I recommend volunteering. Whether you are doing it for your career or for yourself, volunteering is a great way to meet new people while helping others.

academic goals target

Failing to Succeed

One of my ‘truths’ from 35 years of management, entrepreneurship, and leadership is that the line between good and bad decision makers is much narrower than most people think. In fact, business decisions are only about 50 percent likely to be right. Even great decision makers are only right about 60 percent of the time. So, what really drives the difference between great business people and average or bad business people?


Why Would I Worry About My Health While I’m In School?

Last week I made the dreaded trip to the dentist (insert shriek here) and the first thing they asked me was, “Are you stressed?” Since I’m working and going back to school full time to earn my master’s degree, my obvious reply was, “Yes I am!” Balancing work, school, family, friends, and pets can often times cause us more stress than we are used to, so I wanted to offer some words of advice on how to stay healthy while taking classes.

Finding your path to the careers of the future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? What about 20 years?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of people tend to react one of three ways when faced with this type of question: 1. They lay out a solid plan of where they want to be and how they want to get there, including a fairly detailed timeline of events; 2. They have a goal in mind but are more vague about the details and are willing to be flexible when new things arise; 3. They get that wide-eyed panicked look, they start breathing faster and they change the topic as soon as they can.

Find Someone Alone & Involve Others

Keep the Connection After Networking

We’ve discussed how to prepare for networking, what to do once you get there, and how to engage in conversations, but the most important part of networking is the follow-up. Your entire face-to-face networking will be in vain if you don’t take the necessary steps to stay in touch with the people you have met.

Multiple generations in the workplace – the present and future workforce

In a world full of people with different experiences, attitudes and approaches, it’s only natural that you will occasionally run into someone whose personality does not quite mesh with yours. In general, this isn’t normally a big problem since you can choose to spend time with them or not. However, what happens when you are expected to not only interact with these people but also to be able to work with and alongside of them in a productive and efficient manner?

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