10 Frame-Worthy Graduation Photo Ideas

Whew! You did it. You made it through marathon study sessions, more projects than you’d like to count, and one last finals week. You’re ready to graduate. Now, how are you going to capture the moment?

To help you get the shot you’ve been waiting for, we picked out 10 great graduation photo ideas to inspire you.

1. Celebrate with someone special

Grad kiss

Source: Pinterest

2. Celebrate capping off your degree

Fist up

Source: 1L Creative Imaging

3. Or celebrate by throwing your cap off

Throwing hat in air

Source: Pinterest

4. Show the height of your knowledge

Stack of books
Source: Pinterest


5. Show how far you’ve come

Degree checklist photo

Source: Pinterest

6. Before jumping for joy

Source: Pinterest
7. Because you’re finally done!

Source: Pinterest

8. Take your first steps as a graduate


Source: Pinterest

9. Add your own little sparkle


Source: Pinterest

10. And don’t forget to brag a little


Source: Pinterest

Congratulations, grads—from all of us at Colorado State University Online.

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