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2011 Trends

A few trends that took hold in 2011 are very interesting. First, the emergence of public/private partnerships – like Arizona State University with Pearson/eCollege and Educating Sales and Marketing. In this example, a Carnegie 1 research campus publicly announced a goal of growing to 100,000 distance students and using private money and methods to manage the marketing, recruiting retention, and business challenges.

This foreshadows a national roll out of super regional public/private higher education providers. This occurrence happening at the same time as a) every state cutting funding to higher education, b) the Department of Education adding vast new areas of regulation – that resulted in private higher education providers new enrollments dropping 40% on average, c) a new view of the recession saying that we are looking at 10 years rather than two for a jobs recovery, and d) almost every public institution in the country trying to enter online for revenue value, suggests some real challenges for 2012 and beyond.

The CSU system is well-positioned to succeed in the new world with Global campus having enrolled more than 5,000 students as a fully online university dedicated to adult learner needs, CSU OnlinePlus having offered CSU campus-based programs to niche markets, serving more than 7,500 students last year, and CSU Pueblo continuing their successful distance relationship with the military.

Stay tuned next month for insight on what all of this means for CSU OnlinePlus!


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