7 Time- and Money-Saving Apps Every College Student Needs

Getting your degree is expensive, not to mention time-intensive. If you’re an online and/or nontraditional student, stockpiling ramen noodles and pulling all-nighters probably isn’t your style. Instead, we’ve found better ways to help you budget your time and money. Check out these simple apps that you can download today. The best part: they’re all FREE.

1. You Need a Budget Free (IOS, Android)


Many people return to school to get a better-paying position so they can break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. This app is designed to help you break that cycle before you even graduate. You Need a Budget (YNAB) syncs with your bank account and helps you keep track of your monthly expenses in real time. YNAB allows you to keep track of those little costs, like a cup of coffee, so that you know you’ll always know how much you’ll have when bill time comes around. The best part is that YNAB is free for students.

2. RedLaser Free (IOS, Android, Windows)


There’s nothing worse than finding out you paid more for something than you should have. Use RedLaser to scan barcodes in the store and it will quickly pull up retail and online price comparisons.

3. Evernote Free (IOS, Windows)


Evernote lets you create to-do lists, capture notes, and share information with peers. Watch class lectures on your computer while taking notes on your phone. Before long you’ll be saying, “Paper Notebook? No, thanks. That’s SO last century.”

4. Mint Bills Free (IOS, Android)


When you’re paying tuition and student fees each semester, there’s no room for overdraft or late fees. Mint Bills reminds you when bills are due and lets you pay all of them from one easy location.

up with how you navigate the store. Oh, and they give you coupons!

5. Hooked Deals Free (IOS, Android)


If you need something that’s a little more on-the-go, here’s an app that tells you how to find local deals on local food. Tell Hooked Deals where you are and they’ll tell you about deals in your area. These deals often offer free food or samples. However, they’re only offered for a few hours at a time, so get it while it’s hot!

6. Viggle Free (IOS, Android)


While this is not necessarily a time-saving app, it can help you earn a little extra dough to counter school expenses. And it pays you to do what you do best: watch TV. Relax after a long study session, check in to your favorite show or music, and the app will give you points for answering quiz questions and playing games. Cash in these points for gift cards at 800+ businesses.

Are there other apps you use to pad your wallet or buy some extra time? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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