Congratulations on Accomplishing Your Goal

Congratulations to all of the Continuing Education graduates! We are proud to have been able to help you accomplish your goal. Online education is one of the great gains that the internet and progressive technology have brought to society. Never have more qualified people had more opportunity to advance themselves professionally and personally. Education is the key to successful democracy and sustained freedom. CSU’s mission is to make high quality education available to all qualified candidates – on campus and off.

I read recently that in the first quarter of 2011, more than 300,000 people with no more than a high school diploma lost their jobs, while more than 120,000 people with at least a bachelor’s degree gained jobs.

In addition, 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that:

  • Professional degree holders have a 2.3% unemployment rate and earn, on average, $142,000
  • Those with a bachelor’s degree have a 5.2% unemployment rate and earn an average salary of $71,000
  • Those whose education doesn’t extend beyond high school have a 9.7% unemployment rate and earn $40,000 on average
  • Non-high school graduates have a 15% unemployment rate and earn about $31,000 annually.

We hope you can rapidly turn your accomplishments with CSU into the personal satisfaction, job security and financial gains you seek. Remember, as a graduate of CSU’s flagship research campus, you enjoy our ongoing support. I hope you join our alumni association and keep in touch with both campus and online peers. Please also pass our thanks on to your families and employers who supported you with the time it took to earn your degree. We are all winners because of your efforts.


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