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Electronic Proctoring – Coming to a CSU OnlinePlus Course Near You

Testing just got easier for our OnlinePlus students! It’s a federal mandate for us to make sure the right student is taking the right test, so we’ve done a little work on our end to make the process a little better for you. After a couple pilot semesters, electronic proctoring is set to go live by the Fall 2012 semester. As an online student, this means a few things for you:

What to expect

  • Electronic ProctoringYou’ll make an appointment with the proctoring company before your test.
  • Before your exam, you’ll be asked to verify your identity through a webcam. Your proctor might do this in one of several ways – having you show a government-issued I.D., asking personal verification questions, or even surveying your strokes on the keyboard.
  • The proctor may also ask you to scan the area you’re testing in with the webcam, just so they can check out the environment and make sure no one is in the room with you, you’re not using notes, etc.
  • During the exam, the proctor will be a spectator, just as the face-to-face meetings operate, looking for anything out of the ordinary and watching body language.
  • When you’re finished, you’ll submit your test just like you normally do, and you’re set!


  • Electronic ProctoringConvenience – you’ll no longer have to find your own approved proctor and travel there to take your test. Colorado State University OnlinePlus is in the process of contracting with an outside proctoring company. You’ll get that information in class, and will be free to set up an appointment with a proctor at a time that works best for you.
  • Support – the proctoring company CSU OnlinePlus contracts with will walk you through the set-up to ensure you have everything you need and it’s working properly, so if technology isn’t your thing, relax; we’re here to help.
  • You will still have the option of an in-person proctor. In case you’re not real keen on change right now, you can stick to the way we’ve been doing things with face-to-face proctored tests.

All you’ll need to take advantage of this convenient new technology is a webcam and a computer that’s audio and visual capable. And, like I said before, the proctoring company will work with you to make sure your equipment is the right stuff and is connected correctly.

We’re really excited about this advancement and being able to offer our students a better way to test, but let us know what you think. Have you experienced electronic proctoring before? What do you like/dislike? Any concerns that come to mind? We’re always looking to make what we do better for you, and really value your feedback!


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