Why Online Courses Matter

Free Webinars: Expand Your Knowledge in the Course of an Hour

If you love to learn, you’ll want to listen to this! Colorado State University Online has launched a series of free webinars featuring prevalent university-affiliated thought leaders on some of today’s most talked-about topics. Think of them as little gifts of knowledge from CSU wrapped up in neat one-hour packages especially for you. You’re welcome.

The Thought Leadership Webinar Series includes online talks—akin to “mini-lectures”— on subjects in business, health, technology, and more.

Check out this lineup of free online learning opportunities, start thinking of your questions now, and get ready to expand your knowledge with some of CSU’s best minds.

Animal RightsTopics: Animals, Ethics
Animal Rights as a Mainstream Phenomenon
View the recorded webinar here
CSU Distinguished Professor, Dr. Bernard Rollin, discusses society’s increasing concern about animal treatment and welfare, and sheds light on the ethical basis for the legal protection of animals.

War on CancerTopics: Cancer, Biomedical Research
New Targets in the War on Cancer (Cells)
View the recorded webinar here
Learn what makes cancer cells different,  and what new drug therapies mean for treatment, with leading cancer researchers and CSU professor, Dr. Paul Laybourn.

Digital ImmortalityTopics: Digital Life, Online Privacy
Your Immortal Digital Life: Thinking About the Preservation or Deletion of Your Online Legacy
View the recorded webinar here
Explore thoughts and criticisms surrounding the ideas of digital immortality and social media ethics with Dr. Pete Seel of CSU’s Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.

Now that you’re hooked on free webinars, want to discover other free online learning opportunities? Check out CSU’s free online courses.

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