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Get the Most Out of Your Associate’s – Turn It Into a Bachelor’s

Congratulations to those of you who have just graduated with your associate’s degree! Did you know that you can use those credits to continue on to a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University OnlinePlus?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates. In a 2010 survey of annual averages for persons age 25 and over, working full time, someone with a bachelor’s degree earns $1,084 a month more than someone with an associate’s degree.

That’s a house payment!

Education PaysStudies prove again and again that the higher your education, the more money you make. Colorado State University OnlinePlus offers these convenient, online undergraduate degree completion programs:

  • Agricultural Business
    This online program gives you the knowledge and training needed to manage the production and marketing of agricultural products.
  • Fire & Emergency Service Administration
    This online program trains you in key administrative areas such as personnel administration, financial management, emergency management, and program evaluation.
  • Human Development & Family Studies
    This Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) combines coursework and field experience in individual and family development across the lifespan.
  • Liberal Arts
    The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts program offers coursework in communications, sociology and humanities, coupled with your choice of minors, including media studies, economics, anthropology or political science.

Even if you earned your associate’s in a field that doesn’t closely match one of these four degrees, take a look at our admission requirements and contact us to learn more. Each of these programs require a minimum of 60 completed college credit hours, with a GPA of 2.0 or better – with the exception of the online Liberal Arts degree that only requires 40 hours. And you’re in luck, because an associate’s degree suffices for those required credit hours in most cases!

Congratulations again on earning your associate’s degree! Now that you’ve accomplished that, we just want to encourage you to look at the potential of a bachelor’s!


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