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Graduation Luncheon: Connecting with Campus

On a daily basis, OnlinePlus staff engages with hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective and current students; however, because of the online nature of our programs, we rarely have the opportunity to meet any of them. In this case, I mean to meet in the literal sense, a handshake, a smile, and a verbal conversation that doesn’t require a mobile device, poking, following, or liking me.

Graduation luncheon OnlinePlus Fall 2012A few weeks ago, however, I had the pleasure to sit down and really meet some of our graduates and their families at the Semi-Annual OnlinePlus Graduation Luncheon. We had around 60 people in attendance at the luncheon. Graduates, families, staff, and faculty filled Room 230 in the Lory Student Center. Hugs and gifts were exchanged as classmates and staff met for the first time, and families were introduced and thanked for their involvement in their student’s education.

Our graduates are going to go on and do great things, but in what field can you expect to see them?

Undergraduate Degree Completions

  • Agricultural Business
  • Fire and Emergency Services Administration
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Liberal Arts

Master’s Degrees

  • Agriculture Extension Education
  • Integrated Resources Management
  • Computer Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Music Therapy
  • Rangeland Ecosystem Science
  • Social Work
  • Adult Education and Training
  • Statistics


  • Education and Human Resource Studies

The list goes on, and on, but you do not need to “hear” it from me, “listen” to what our graduates are saying.

“CSU was a great fit as it allowed me to continue my education without sacrificing my career goals.”

“Having flexible educational options allowed me to be a first-generation college graduate with a graduate degree. It allowed me to attend classes on the weekends, complete an internship, do homework, work, raise my fantastic daughters, and still maintain my sanity! Thank you!”

graduating student at OnlinePlus Fall 2012 graduation luncheon“Being in the OnlinePlus program was such a great experience for me. I really valued the ability to take school with me everywhere. I did work on airplanes, waiting for appointments, during breaks at work, and while I was visiting family outside of Colorado. I really appreciated being able to “go to school” on my time, and that concurrently I had time for the rest of my life. My boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship for most of my time in the program, and I was glad I could get my work done, and travel to see him, too. Likewise, my sister in Montana recently got married. As her maid of honor, it was important to me to help her with her wedding plans, and to throw her a bridal shower. Being able to take class to Montana with me made it possible for me to be simultaneously studious and an attentive maid of honor.

I chose CSU for many reasons. First, I am a Fort Collins native, and my mother earned her B.A. at CSU, and my father, his D.V.M. Furthermore, I was looking for an online program, and there are a lot of programs out there. I was thrilled to find the CSU program, because I knew that being in CSU’s program, I would be receiving a quality education from a fully-accredited university. Additionally, I was excited at the prospect of also being able to take courses on campus, which was convenient, since I live in Fort Collins. I took several graduate level English classes, to work toward being highly qualified to teach English literature. However, it was also very convenient that aside from my once a week English classes, the rest of my classes were online, so I could work a normal schedule, and pursue a degree.

group of graduates at OnlinePlus Fall 2012 graduation luncheonI think that CSU OnlinePlus is very well-organized and very well-developed for those of us who would like/need to further our education, but who do not have the flexibility to attend “traditional” on campus classes.

One more thing – I really loved that other members of my classes were from all over the U.S., and sometimes from other countries! It helped give our discussions great, multifaceted depth and insight.”

“Being able to obtain my master’s through the CSU Adult Education and Training program allowed me the flexibility I needed to hold down a job, travel the world with my family, and obtain the degree I needed to advance my career. In short, CSU allowed me to “have it all.”

CSU is a school of traditions and strong values. I urge all of our prospective and current students to join us when you earn your degree so we can “meet” face-to-face. You don’t have to “follow” or “like” me to do that.

If you’re interested in learning more about one of our degree programs, visit its page here on the website and contact the students services representative handling that program. They are ready and available to help you determine which of our programs can best help you achieve your educational goals.

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