Help! I’m tech savvy but I can’t figure this out

Technology savvy or not, as students there are requirements that may be beyond your ready knowledge. That is where comes in. Aside from having a really good name, this is where you can find some really important information.

When you first open the website, this is what you learn: Training Tutorials

The University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB) has funded an initiative to enhance software training for students by licensing the entire library of the online training tutorials. All CSU students, faculty and staff have access to over 42,000 video-based tutorials. Also included are the related training files, allowing users to practice what they just learned. This online training is available 24/7 and covers the suite of Adobe products, Apple products, Microsoft products, Google Apps, Drupal, video editing, audio editing, operating systems and much more. These tutorials contain up to 8 hours of instruction per subject area, broken down into 5-15 minute segments. You can always come back at a later date to resume where you left off.

Now you know one other reason the tech fee is important. Not only do you register and access your courses online and have use of the online library resources, but you can also access these great tutorials (or I’m sure they are great, I haven’t personally accessed all 42,000 of them). I did access a tutorial of Milton Glaser regarding art and design, one narrated by Douglas Kirkland talking about photography with natural light, and finally I went to Blogger Essential Training just to see what I should have known before I started blogging.

Each is a video with the length in hours, minutes, and seconds listed, so you have an idea what to expect before you get started. The excerpts I chose were between 1 and 5 minutes. If you choose to watch the entire Blogger Essential Training, for example, it will take 3 hours and 38 minutes. Each topic is its own video, so you can go to just the information you need.

One of the important bits of information I learned was also on the front page:

“To protect your privacy, we recommend that you completely exit your web browser when you are finished. Your session will remain active until you completely close all browser windows or several hours have elapsed.” I did not click “keep me signed in”, yet each time I went back into the website I was still logged in, maybe not a huge deal but something to be aware of.

From my limited experience, I found Lynda very interesting and useful. While I’m not an artist and a very mediocre photographer, I enjoyed the excerpts. The blogger tutorial is something I am very likely to go back and watch more of. I have also had recommendations from others to get Microsoft Word help from Lynda but have not done that yet.

Try it out, and let me know what you think.


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