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Helpful Relationship and Family Tips for the Online Student

After the Thanksgiving holiday, I forgot what I had volunteered to blog about, so I went back to see that this post is supposed to be about healthy communication in a marriage and relationships

Tips for Healthy RelationshipsI remembered that I elected to write about this subject because Colorado State University has an excellent marriage and family therapy on-campus graduate program within the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. My wife has her master’s degree from this department, so I felt like it was close to home. CSU Online also offers an outstanding online bachelor degree completion program in Human Development and Family Studies.

On to some helpful relationship tips for couples from the marriage and family experts at Colorado State – especially during the stressful holiday season upon us:

  • Take time for yourself and practice self-care
  • Reflect about how lucky you are to have meaningful relationships in your life
  • Spend a few hours a week with your partner
  • People are never too old to “play” like kids do

Piggybacking on that idea of general advice for families, consider these specific tips as an online student balancing all you have going on:

  • Tips for Online StudentsThink about your long-term goals
  • Prioritize and organize, and don’t forget to take a break in-between
  • Do not forgo your own individual responsibilities – when it comes to your current career and family commitments
  • Study any place at any time of the day

I know I can definitely use these tips as I am married, the father of a young child, employed, and CSU graduate student. Wow, what a mouthful!

What tips do you have to handle the stresses of school, relationships, and family during the holiday season? By the way, good luck on your finals; I just finished mine! Happy Holidays!

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