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Higher Education May Lead to a Longer Life

We always knew education was good for our brains. Turns out, it’s good for our lifespan too!

According to a study published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal, living to 100 might just take a little extra education. In the United States, mortality is higher in those with lower levels of education. In fact, the researchers estimate that over 110,000 deaths could have been prevented in 2010 if the students who started college but never graduated had earned their bachelor’s degrees.

Why is this? As a contributor to the study, Virginia Chang, explains: “Improving education would impact health widely, by resulting in healthier behaviors, higher incomes, stronger cognitive development, and more vibrant social connects and psychosocial resources.” So going to college doesn’t guarantee you’re going to live forever, but it does tend to lead to an overall better lifestyle and a greater chance that you’ll be healthier for longer.

Although this is only one study, it emphasizes the importance higher education can have in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s our career, our happiness, or our health, the more knowledge we have the better. So in case, you’re questioning if you should go back to school, just remember — it could be a lifesaver!

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