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How Private Universities Paved the Road for Public Universities

Road paved aheadI was very sad to read that Westwood College had its accreditation suspended. As Colorado State University enters the online and distance market more aggressively, I take time to remind my team that Westwood College, the University of Phoenix, and others did us a great service by investing billions in the development of the market, teaching capacity, technology, and methodologies.

Like private educational institutions starting with Harvard in the 1636, they paved the road for the great public institutions that followed. The good news is that the public education institutions have entered distance and online education with very high quality, public pricing, and regional accreditation.

Colorado State University currently offers 24 master’s degrees, four undergraduate completion programs, and three doctoral degrees at a distance with the same quality as our $300 million Carnegie I flagship research campus and at much lower cost than private universities.


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