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Introducing ValuED, the new blog from CSU Online

We’ve redesigned our blog! Welcome to ValuED, the online magazine devoted to helping you take the next step toward your educational and career goals. Explore feature content focusing on important aspects related to achieving your ambitions and balancing your personal life on your path to success.


In our Value of Education section, we highlight the numerous advantages of earning an education. While most people recognize that education is important, we help you discover what exactly that means for you. Learn how furthering your studies can benefit you financially, professionally, and personally.

In the Online Education section, we discuss the new direction that higher education is taking, and how online programs make it possible for people to return to school. Get advice on how to make the most of your online education and how to overcome the challenges it can pose.

Finally, in our Career Development section, we offer expert advice about applying your education to your career aspirations, changing careers, and moving up in your field. Learn how to keep up with changing work environments and evolving technology, and how to seize new opportunities that will improve your professional life.

Be sure to join in the conversation! Post your thoughts and questions in the comments sections. We want to hear from you.

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