Transferable Skills: Taking What You’ve Learned at Work into the Classroom

Let CSU Lead You to Greater Job Satisfaction

The next time you’re at work, stop for a moment and take a look around you. What do you see? Are you sitting at a computer in an office cubicle? Ankle-deep in mud on a ranch? Or surrounded by kids in a classroom? Now, more importantly, ask yourself this question: Are you satisfied with your job? If not, as a CSU OnlinePlus student, you’re in the perfect position to make a change, increasing your skills and knowledge to seek a better job in your field, or obtaining an education to help you alter your career path.

Job SatisfactionAlas, most of us don’t live a life of leisure. We have to work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 82 percent of employed Americans spent about 8 hours, on an average weekday, at work in 2010. It appears the 8-hour workday is alive and kicking in the U.S. In fact, the only activity that rivals work for Americans’ time in a day is one of my favorites…sleeping!

According to the numbers, most of us don’t get to sleep the day away, and most of us spend a quarter of every weekday on the clock. So, if you have to work, you might as well enjoy what you do, right? Whether you’re employed full-time, participating in a summer internship or between jobs, I hope all of you enjoy what you do for work.

Most degree programs at CSU OnlinePlus offer flexibility for you to plan a course of study that fits your career goals. As you plot your course of study with your advisor, think about what you like and dislike about your current or previous work, and keep your ideal job in the back of your mind. What knowledge and skills can you gain in your coursework to increase your satisfaction at work? What classes can you take to make you a solid candidate for your ideal job? Your advisor can help you answer these questions.

Opportunities to advance one’s education in a formal, academic setting don’t come often in a lifetime. Take advantage of your status as a CSU OnlinePlus student and strive for that ideal job, one that maximizes your talents and skills and, ultimately, satisfies you on both a personal and professional level. With an education from Colorado State, you don’t have to end up like the 12.5% of Americans who are unsatisfied at work.

And, as always, good luck on the job hunt!


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