Resume Rejection: Common Reasons Why People Don’t Make The Cut

Finding a new career is frustrating. You come across a job for which you just know you’re the perfect fit, you spend hours tailoring your resume, you pour your hopes and dreams into the prospect of getting hired…and then you get rejected (or worse yet, you never hear anything back). “Why?,” you ask yourself, “What did I do wrong?”

The truth is, it could be something you did, or it could just be the nature of the job market. There are all kinds of minute faux pas that applicants unknowingly commit. But even if you think your resume was perfect, there are a lot of components that affect the hiring process. The following infographic sheds some light on the most common reasons resumes (or CVs as they’re called in many countries) are rejected.

Have you had this happen to you? What do you think are the best ways to overcome some of these job application obstacles?

4 thoughts on “Resume Rejection: Common Reasons Why People Don’t Make The Cut”

  1. Great article. I’ve hired many people in the past. What I noticed is that many CV’s are not customised to the advertised role. Most of them are very generic and don’t even mention the name of the advertised position – it feels that candidates are sending their CV to any advertised role, just to get a job. From a hiring managers view it can be sometimes very frustrating to review more than 90 CV’s and only find a small number who have updated their CV to match the requirements in the advertised role.
    My tip would be to carefully read the position description and match your skills and your experience in your CV. This should get you an invite to an interview 😉
    If you would like to have any further tips on job interview preparation, you might want to check out the following:

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