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Slow and Steady: Public Higher Education Provides Quality in the Growing Online Market

Atlas and the WorldFor the private online higher education providers, the world is turning upside down. The quality of the ‘privates’ varies from superb to pretty bad, but one thing is clear. They are the world’s best at converting Federal financial aid into revenue and cash flow for investors.

As late entries into the market, they did what businesses do well, they analyzed the needs, the forces of change and the financials and found a fantastic business. While doing so, they created new teaching methodologies, new technology, educated a market, and trained a worldwide online faculty.

But few of them, and only a few of their programs, mastered academic quality. In this area, the traditional campuses define world class with slow but effective processes and controls. For Colorado State University, this is our advantage. Colorado State has superb academic quality and quality controls. Our three credit classes are three credit classes.

From the Continuing Education division at CSU, we give students the best of both. We understand and are accomplishing high quality distance delivery for students who choose not to come to campus, and we also benefit from quality since all of CSU’s off-campus credit offerings comply 100% with campus academic governance and quality requirements. This is the right way to do things.

Public higher education providers that are ready to serve the growing market for online education with high quality and public, traditionally low, tuitions will expand, while providing better and more affordable options to students. I see CSU’s distance market doubling every few years into the foreseeable future and thank the ‘privates’ for their investment to make this market available to the ‘publics’.


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