The Best Apps for College Students

Part of what makes an online learning experience so special is the technology that makes it possible. Computer programs aren’t just the method by which you receive your classes and materials— they can also be employed to facilitate more effective and efficient studies. Careful use of apps on smart phones and tablet devices will help streamline your studies, provide you with useful tools on the go, and ensure that you’re always organized. So ditch Candy Crush and Angry Birds in favor of this scholarly selection of apps for college students.

Best Apps for College Students

Universally popular, Evernote is the go-to note taking and archiving app, and not just for students. It’s won numerous awards, and was even listed as one of “10 Must Have Apps” in the New York Times. Why? Because it’s a simple and convenient way to keep track of your ideas on the move, using a variety of media options including lists, notes, photos, and voice recordings. Equally important, it’s got excellent options for organizing and searching your notes—and it’s completely free.

Math Ref
The 2012 Best College Student App winner, Math Ref provides a large collection of quick-reference formulas, figures and examples. This isn’t an app for everyone, but if you work with numbers it’s ideal, and certainly a fantastic alternative to carrying around textbooks and notes that detail all the ins and outs of your equations. The range of material covered is vast, from algebra to Greek Alphabet, and from vector calculus to chemistry, so there’s something for anyone working in the sciences.

iStudiez Pro
Awarded Best College Student App in 2011 by the BestApps website, and still 3rd in 2012, iStudiez Pro has beaten stiff competition as an organizational tool. It can help you keep track of your schedule, assignments, and deadlines, with four main sections: today, calendar, assignments and planner. There are many apps that you can use for general prioritizing tasks and keeping on top of what you’ve got to do, but iStudiez Pro is the favorite thanks to a wealth of options and the support of iCloud syncing and cross-platform use.

Wikipedia has made searching for relevant references quick and easy for anyone pursuing an education online. Using a direct connection to the Wikipedia servers, Wikpanion makes searching for information even easier and more accessible. It’s useful for organizing and bookmarking your search history, as well as customizing the way you search, with category searches and contextualized links that will take you directly to the relevant sections of an article. Just remember to check the sources—since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, it’s worth making absolutely sure you’re getting your facts straight.

An online learning tool, Quizlet has a bank of over 21 million flashcard sets for quick revision. Constantly being added to and updated, it has three study modes, 18 audio languages, and full synchronization across your devices—and all for free. If flash card study is for you, this is a hard app to beat for self-testing. It’s also a great way to put travel time to use, as it makes for an easy-to-carry study guide.

ColorDict Universal Dictionary
ColorDict Universal Dictionary is one of the most highly rated, user-friendly dictionary apps available. Truly an all-in-one source, it lets you search for definitions, synonyms, and translations in multiple sources simultaneously both online and offline. It also works well with e-book readers, allowing you to highlight a word and search directly from a page.

Do you use apps to help you in your studies? Give readers your opinions on what you think are good apps for college students to use.

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