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Lately we’ve been talking about how social media is an extremely powerful tool that you should be using to help you in your job search. We’ve covered the importance of using social media sites to network your way to a job and how to stay on top of job openings and opportunities as they are posted.  Surely that’s enough, right?  What more can you expect from social media?

Well, that’s only the tip of the social media iceberg and with a little more information, your job search can continue to sail smoothly and help you establish a new career!

One of the secrets?  Using social media and other web tools to help you stay on top of industry information.

Social media offers you the chance to talk with and monitor what industry leaders are interested in. That’s very important when finding your dream job. If, for example, you were interested in education you might join the CSU Online LinkedIn group or read their great blog (hey, you’ve got that one covered!).  You can also find these people and organizations on Facebook and track what groups their following and you may even stumble upon other avenues of information through them.  For example, if someone is running a Webinar, they will often post this information on their Twitter or Facebook pages. These online seminars are (most of the time) free to join and they’re like a mini-lecture you can attend in your pajamas (think of it like free online classes that you never have to take exams for). I have attended several (okay, three) webinars so far and I really like the way they’ve been set up.  Mine have each followed this format: a presentation, time for questions and then at the end, they’ve sent me a link to access all of the information on slides.  This works great because I can get immediate feedback for things that I don’t understand and I still get all of the slides so I can reference them later.  The format really fits my learning style and if you’re an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, you’ve got your bases covered going to a webinar!

Twitter birdThere are also some other web tools that I love that use RSS to feed your brain and search. Have you tried Tweetdeck?  This is a new one for me that I only recently started using.  Although it’s taking me a little while to figure out all the different aspects, it does allow you to sync different sites, stream and organize large amounts of information easily and efficiently.  There are innumerable other online tools (Digg, Stumbleupon, etc) but Google Reader and Tweetdeck are the two I see as most beneficial to staying at the top of your industry.

Are there any other sites or tools that you have found to be helpful?


7 thoughts on “The Job Search & Social Media”

  1. Twitter is really good due to it’s immediacy. Google takes a while to crawl new pages and job listings. But Twitter indexes user tweets immediately so it’s a good tool with which to find job listings before others do.Also, slightly afield, but is great because it crawls all job engines and pushes them into one place, which saves you time. It’s not social media – just a helpful tool.I’m an educator – I teach and write articles on topics like Sixth grade math worksheets. And I’m always looking to help students learn and find jobs.

    1. Thanks for the information! I’ve perused but it just feels so heavy and cumbersome sometimes, but then again I’m a person who likes clear action! Do you have any other suggestions?

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