The Simultaneously Best and Worst Things about Being an Online Student

Technology has made our lives better in many ways, including making higher education more accessible and flexible than ever before. But, just as with all good things, there are some drawbacks that accompany the benefits of online learning. Here are some reasons being an online student is only mostly awesome.

Your school choices aren’t limited by distance.
You aren’t limited to only attending schools in your area. You can select the school with the best program to suit your needs, even if it’s 3000 miles away…but sometimes all those choices can be a little overwhelming.

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You can attend class from your living room sofa.
Who wouldn’t prefer wearing your pajamas at home over getting dressed and sitting in a lecture hall? Just be careful you don’t get too relaxed.


You can be a student and work full time.
A career and an opportunity to advance your education? You can have it all! Just remember not to take on too much at once.

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You don’t have to drive to campus in inclement weather.
Forget fighting the elements to get to class. Just remember that also means class won’t be canceled during a blizzard.

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You can study on your own schedule.
As an online student, you don’t have to adhere to daily campus schedules. That means you can fit school in with all the other things you need to get done. Just don’t get too carried away and forget to make time for coursework.


You have time to think about your responses in class discussions.
…Just don’t overthink them.

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You can do your school work on vacation.
You’ll never have to postpone that trip to the beach just because school is in session. But, remember, you still have to do your school work.


No, life isn’t perfect for an online student…but we still think the pros outweigh the cons by a longshot.

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