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There’s Still Time to Finish Your Degree!

Bachelor's Degree CompletionWhy do college students transfer to different schools? The answers to this question are limitless. It may be due to finances, or being too far away from home, or maybe the first college was not the right fit. Well, the fact of the matter is that life gets in the way! Life has its ups and downs, its triumphs and obstacles. To be bluntly honest, life is just tough sometimes. So, many students decide to simply stop going to college because life just gets in the way.

As life continues, have you ever thought about wanting to complete your degree? Well, Colorado State University OnlinePlus offers flexible online degree completion programs like our online Liberal Arts degree with minors in Anthropology, Business Administration, Economics, Media Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. In addition, there are other specific programs that tie in with our Continuing Education mission, such as the Human Development and Family Studies degree, Agricultural Business degree, and Fire and Emergency Services Administration degree. The benefit of Colorado State University OnlinePlus is our online degrees offer students the flexibility of attending a premier research-based University while being able to juggle life’s priorities.

Most often, the first question transfer students want to know is: “How will my credits transfer?” Well, there are some basic considerations to ponder for transfer evaluation at Colorado State University:

  • Bachelor's Degree CompletionA maximum of 64 semester credit hours can transfer from two-year, regionally-accredited institutions.
  • Only courses completed with grades of C- or better will possibly transfer; letter grades of D or F will not be accepted.
  • There is no maximum number of credits that can transfer from four-year, regionally-accredited institutions; however, students have to complete at least 30-semester credits from CSU and all degree requirements to graduate from Colorado State University.
  • All four online bachelor’s degree completion programs offered through OnlinePlus require 120-semester credits total.
  • More specifics about transfer credit can be found in the Transfer Evaluation section of the Registrar’s website.

As you read this, now could be the best time for you to finish your degree online. If so, contact us. Part of our student services can include a Tentative Transfer Evaluation and an Academic Advisor meeting before you start taking classes through OnlinePlus.

The best aspect about a college education is that you can always return to further your education or complete your degree, even when life put the initial pursuit on hold for a while.


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