Top 5 Registration Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

RegistrationThe dog days of summer are almost gone! It’s that time of year when you think of cooler weather, replacing those flip-flops and bare feet with sneakers and socks (well maybe not just yet), and whether or not you should finally take that class or finish your degree you’ve been putting off “until next semester.” Well, next semester is here!

Registration for the Fall semester began June 1st. Are you registered yet? Many students, returning and new, often find themselves scrambling to register for classes. In the rush to get things done, make sure you avoid the common mistakes that could prevent you from getting into the class(es) you want.

To help you complete the process as smoothly as possible, here are few things to consider when registering for the upcoming semester:

Not having enough credits. Nothing is more frustrating than to learn that you’ve requested 18 credits and you only have 15 available! OMG, you mean I’m not going to get all the classes I need?! WHY???!!! So before you have a total meltdown, you’ll want to confirm your current status and the number of credits you have remaining.If you find that you have reached, or are close to reaching your limit, take a moment to decide which classes to eliminate and which to keep. The sooner you’re able to do this, the better your chances of getting into the course you want. Be sure to contact your departmental advisor to request additional hours be added to your maximum allowance so you can add these online courses. Rest assured that if you can add the online course to your basket, there will be a seat for you.

Not reading carefully. It sounds simple enough, but many students simply over-look much of the information available to them (it happens more often than you think). We know there’s a ton of stuff to read through, but we promise it’s there for a reason. Sometimes students scan too quickly and end up missing vital information that could have made the whole process easier. So, slow down and take your time to read through things thoroughly and carefully. It will help you avoid problems during registration.

RegistrationNot reviewing the drop/cancellation policy. Ok, so you’ve registered but now decide you really wanted to take “insert an unexpected, yet popular class” (hey, don’t knock it, it is a popular class) instead of “insert a common class”. The drop deadlines for online credit courses differ from the University deadlines.You’ll want to make sure that you review the policy for drop dates, as many classes must be dropped at least a week before the session begins to receive a full refund on tuition. It will also be listed on your CSU Registration Confirmation after your registration is complete (just in case you fall victim to mistake #2).

Not connecting with RAMweb. Once you receive your registration confirmation; you can find details about session times, location and other useful information within your RAMweb student account. This is a powerful tool; you’ll be glad you checked it out!

Not checking email regularly. You check your Facebook, Twitter, and other popular e-communications; how often do you check your email? Yes, we know, it’s not as exciting as tweeting about your latest adventures or how awesome last night’s dinner was, but checking your email regularly can save you from a headache later.Important information regarding start and drop dates, registration confirmation, including class times and locations will be sent to your CSU email. You’ll want to keep this email for your records. Often times it will answer questions that may come up.

Remember our staff is always available to help you through any stumbling blocks you might encounter along the way.

Good luck on this next semester of your online degree!

A Few More Tips for Registration

Check out the FAQ page. You’ll find answers to many of your questions.

Review the requirements for Continuous Registration – the graduate school policy requires that all graduate students are continuously enrolled in their degree programs in both fall and spring semesters. This policy applies from your first semester of enrollment through your graduation term.


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