Transferring credit: We just can’t tell you over the phone

While it is possible for students to apply previously completed, relevant coursework toward a degree to which they are considering applying, there are usually too many variables for staff to give you an immediate answer.

At Colorado State University, that answer depends on the school(s) you attended, the degree to which you’re applying, the specific courses required for that degree, and CSU’s transfer credit rules. Administrative staff can tell you what rules are in place — for example, how many credits in a particular degree program must be completed after formal admission to the University — but a department advisor, or admissions advisor, must vet each student’s situation individually. Find out who at the appropriate department is authorized to review your transcript, and work with them to find out where you stand.

The more legwork you do at your end, the easier it will be to move the process move forward. The reviewer will need specifics:

  • Course names
  • Descriptions and prefixes
  • Where and when you took them
  • Grades received
  • Anything else relevant to your performance

Familiarize yourself with the curriculum of the degree to which you’re applying so you know what you’re trying to get credit for, what the core courses are, and how many electives you can take and at what level. At CSU, an informal transcript can serve initially to get a provisional answer (depending on the department), but you’ll ultimately be required to provide official transcripts.

And remember, no double-dipping: if credits were used towards a degree you’ve already completed, they cannot be used again towards another degree. If they were credits completed but not applied toward a degree (for example, a graduate-level certificate), they may be considered for application towards a future degree.


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