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Volunteering – Help Yourself While Helping Others

VolunteerAre you stressed out because you are unemployed and need extra experience to put on your resume? Or, are you trying to change your career and want to learn more about the industry you are now interested in? Or, are you simply stressed at work and need something outside your job to help you relax and feel better about yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I recommend volunteering. Whether you are doing it for career change or for personal growth, volunteering is a great way to meet new people while helping others.

Help – I’ve Lost My Job!
Being unemployed can be a very stressful time. Looking for a new job, participating in networking events, and attending interviews may seem to take over your life, but one of the most important things you want to show prospective employers is that you were working hard while you were without a job. A volunteer position can help you fill that unemployment gap in your resume.Find an organization that is related to your career and start volunteering there. Even if it doesn’t have volunteer positions open, most organizations won’t turn down free workers. This could even help you get your foot in the door with that organization. And who knows, your volunteer work could turn into a paid position.If nothing else, you will be making great contacts in your field who will want to help you find a job, because you are helping them. Remember to connect with those individuals on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to continue expanding your network.

Now I Want This Career!
While changing careers or industries, you can enjoy many of the same benefits of volunteering as when you are unemployed. You will meet great contacts in your industry and get your foot in the door of a new field.Remember those internships you did in college that helped prepare you for your first job? Those were glorified volunteering positions (unless you were lucky enough to get paid). Just like internships, volunteering in your new field can help you find your new career.Volunteering while you are working toward changing your career can help you gain the experience you need and learn more about the industry. This can help you in interviews and make you feel more confident during your first day on the job.Volunteering is typically very flexible and allows you to determine how much to you have to give, you can still have a full or part-time job, go back to school, or spend much of the day job searching.

Yikes – I Need An Outlet!
Ok – we’ve all been there…too much stress and we feel like we can’t possibly continue with the way things are going. Sometimes it might require a huge life change, but it’s possible something as simple as volunteering with an organization that means a lot to you will be the outlet you need to help you gain back your sanity and achieve some personal growth.

No matter what motivates you to volunteer, the most important part is that you are donating your precious time to helping others. Those who benefit from your volunteering efforts will continually thank you and you will know that you are helping to make a difference. This experience will likely teach you a lot about yourself, help you make new contacts, and increase your confidence, which could lead to more opportunities down the road. Find a volunteering opportunity that you are passionate about and call today to see how you can help!

Where have you volunteered and why did you do it? How was your experience?


7 thoughts on “Volunteering – Help Yourself While Helping Others”

  1. Try volunteering and helping others online as a Pass It Forward (PIF) Mentor. Check out the One Mind Game where people help others from 191 countries all online. It’s all FREE!

  2. Thanks for the comments – Great suggestion of a volunteering option people can check out. What is your favorite part of volunteering?

  3. Thanks for the post. I do think that volunteering is good but to the extent that it is undertaken as a part time career option because it does not offer much compensation.

  4. Volunteering is really very good as we are able to meet new people and even helps in getting knowledge about new things which we never knew earlier but as a full time job volunteer doesn’t sounds good I think you should try to do something else with this…Thanks for the post..

    1. Thanks for the comments – I completely agree that volunteering is a great option for part-time purposes.

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