What is a Certificate of Completion?

CertificatesOn the Colorado State University Online website there is a category called “Certificates.” What are those and how are they helpful?

When you click the tab, you will see that there are 27 Certificate of Completion listings for groupings of courses that also carry credit, and 13 that are noncredit. Each certificate is comprised of courses that follow a subject area that may be of interest to students.

The certificates of completion issued by Colorado State University Online are utilized to gain additional knowledge, prepare for industry-specific testing, or begin the process of earning an advanced degree. None of the certificates directly indicate, nor are designed for, preparation for gainful employment. In addition, the website further clarifies the intent of the certificate courses by stating, “Upon completion of this series of courses with passing grades, you earn a Certificate of Completion. Individual courses, but not the certificate, will appear on your official University transcript.”

So what happens after you earn this Certificate of Completion? You will receive an 8.5 x 11 paper certificate with your name, showing that you completed the requisite courses. You could always put it in your file with your other training verifications, but here are some other ideas for use of this certificate:

  • CertificatesFrame and hang the certificate as an acknowledgement of success
  • Add the certificate title to your resume or vita
  • Use the certificate as a symbol of your enhanced knowledge in a specific area that you find of particular value to your employer or potential employer
  • Use the information as a springboard toward a new area of interest, an advanced degree, or a new career; remember, the credits and grades for the credit courses do appear on your transcript.

Look at the list of certificates and see if there is an area you have been wondering about, or that you find lacking in your current educational program.


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