Finding your path to the careers of the future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? What about 20 years?

Don't PanicI’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of people tend to react one of three ways when faced with this type of question:

  1. They lay out a solid plan of where they want to be and how they want to get there, including a fairly detailed timeline of events;
  2. They have a goal in mind but are more vague about the details and are willing to be flexible when new things arise;
  3. They get that wide-eyed panicked look, they start breathing faster and they change the topic as soon as they can.

What about you? Are you someone who had the name of your four children picked out by the time you were twelve or are you afraid to even buy green bananas? The great part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a 1, a 2 or a 3, you can prepare for the future that you want (or don’t know that you want) and Continuing Education at Colorado State University can help!

Great schoolDeb Domres has plans and she has worked hard to bring those plans to fruition. Deb went back to school and through Colorado State’s Continuing Education degree completion program, earned her online liberal arts degree. After getting her bachelor’s, Deb went on to get her Master’s in Construction Management, all the while looking ahead. Her thesis on designing a sustainable school landscape and complementary curriculum for these schools was a building block and testing ground for her ultimate goal: making these schools a reality. While the sky is the limit, Deb plans for there to be at least five different schools ranging from Denver to Kenya.

Business meetingMike Galm is a contractor to the Federal Aviation Administration. He runs training workshops for those moving intomanagement positions in a blended learning program. He uses online case studies as well as face-to-face instruction to help his students get to the next level. He feels that his recent graduation in 2008 with Colorado State’s online master’s degree in adult education prepared him for this role and gave him a deeper understanding of how people can best learn and often borrows ideas that his instructors had used. While Mike is very happy in his current position and has been there for a relatively short amount of time (only about four months), he is open to whatever the future may bring. But this doesn’t mean that Mike is willing to wait to let it come to him; Mike knows that when you feel like you’re standing still, you’re actually moving backwards.

So, are you a ‘1’, a ‘2’ or a ‘3’? How can you continuing education help you create the future you desire?



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