Whiz Kid Receives 20 Graduate Degrees in Two Weeks

It was no surprise when 12-year-old Jimmy Knowsmore completed the last of his 20 graduate degrees, all within a voracious two-week span. Most of his still-young life had been spent as a preamble for just that accomplishment.

“I could trace the algorithmic movements of the visual elements in Baby Einstein videos by the time I was two weeks old,” Knowsmore said. “I read Moby Dick on my first birthday, received my high school diploma at six, my undergraduate degree at eight, and was published in four languages by ten. I could have received my graduate degrees two years ago, but my parents really wanted me to go outside.”

For two years, Knowsmore’s parents took him everywhere, wanting him to experience all that he could. Summer camps. Trips to foreign zoos. Balloon rides across the globe. Young Knowsmore saw it all. And in seeing the world, Knowsmore’s knack for applying his education to the world around him only increased.

“Of all of my trips, I enjoyed the Tanzanian zoo the most,” Knowsmore recalled. “I helped the scientists cure a monkey of colorblindness. We gave it a gene that produces the pigments necessary for color in its vision. When I left, the monkey was already scoring higher on computerized color blindness tests, which was extremely exciting.”

With their excursions reminding Knowsmore’s parents of his vast potential, they allowed him to return to school, under one condition: he would have to take online courses so he could have more flexibility in his schedule.

“We really wanted him to be able to explore his education, but at the same time, be a normal kid,” Knowsmore’s mom, a nuclear physicist, said.

“Colorado State University’s online programs made sense because, in addition to being fully accredited, the classes were flexible enough that he could do the same things other kids his age should be doing; like reading Newton and dissecting linear models.”

Once back at school, and navigating the complexities of being 12, Knowsmore finished his task quickly.

“The other kids didn’t know what I was talking about most of the time, but the personal interactions provided a decent forum to test the Socratic Method,” Knowsmore said. “And I got all of my degrees at the same time. Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering, Applied Statistics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Information Systems… and those are only a few. There was just so much to learn. I figured, why not get them all at the same time?”

And with graduate school finished up, what’s next for the young prodigy?

“I’ve already signed up for three of Colorado State’s online Ph.D. programs,” he said. “According to my calculations, I should have those completed by my thirteenth birthday. Which is in four weeks.”

Okay, okay. Happy April Fools Day! CSU’s online programs are much more difficult to complete than this article indicates, even for a prodigy like young Jimmy. Are you up to the challenge of completing a graduate degree? Check out Colorado State University’s online programs today!

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