Why Are We Here?

Every now and then people in any business get caught up in the process of that business. The problem comes when they lose sight of their goal.

Why are we here?Our goal in higher education is simple: help students learn and succeed.

That’s why we’re here!

That sounds so simple, but it affects the way we do everything. When we open the door to a new distance or online class, do we make sure that the class is structured so that students will able to understand the content, interact with the instructor and each other, and demonstrate their understanding by an appropriate assessment mechanism?

When a student has a death in the family and misses a test, does the instructor work with the student and find a way for them to demonstrate mastery of the subject?

When we have a student enrollment problem, do we treat the student with caring and look for ways to help solve their problem?

Sometimes we forget. But generally speaking, the folks involved in distance and online education at Colorado State University do it pretty well. I’ve been involved in all kinds of unusual situations and requests, and we try to put ourselves in the student’s place when we respond.

Why are we here?Almost every instructor I’ve been involved with for the past 30 years has the same goal I mentioned earlier: student success. They are usually teaching for a reason: they want to help students learn and succeed. And when students have genuine problems and challenges, they generally find a way to help the student work around it. They’re really good people.

We are all students in life. We have needs and projects, and we all have challenges, inconveniences, and setbacks. But we appreciate getting support from others involved in the process who keep their eyes on the prize: our success.

If you’re getting the support you need, then please let us know about it. If you’re not, let us know about that too. There are sometimes system or process issues that we can’t overcome, but we’ll listen and respond, and hopefully we can find a way to help.


4 thoughts on “Why Are We Here?”

  1. Thanks for sending such an informative post,I feel very happy to know that there are some good people thinking about the bright future of students.I really appreciate your words so always help students learn and succeed..keep up the good work..

    1. Thank you for the comment. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to help us give students even more information to help them learn and succeed!

  2. The main point in education, as I see it, is to find the proper balance in the relationships of the students and professors: there should be some distance between them, so that students treated those who teach them with respect; but there also should rest some place for human relations between them as people. Both the sides should respect each other, but never forget about empathy.

    1. Thanks for the comment – this is such a great point to make. Mutual trust can definitely make a better experience for everyone.

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