Career Development

How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

So, you’ve received a job offer and you’re excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What’s next? Take the first offer they put on the table? Try to negotiate? First, research your worth. Before you get to the job offer, research what

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Successfully Change Careers

5 Ways to show prospective employers your transferable skills Recently I’ve spoken to several alums who would like to make a move to a new job or to a career in a new field. They are curious how to convince

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A CSU graduate holds her diploma

Helping CSU Students Navigate Their Future

At CSU, we strive to support students in planning for their future.  During orientation, many parents and family members share that one of their top hopes is for their student to get a good job after graduation. Family members, faculty,

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How to Create a Better Virtual Meeting Experience

Few things are more discouraging than seeing the listless, glazed-over expressions of your attendees during a virtual meeting. Of course, it’s possible their entire week has been jam-packed with multiple e-meetings. People are much more likely get “Zoom fatigue” when they’ve been overloaded. On

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