Career Development

Follow your passion with a customized social work degree.

Emerging from the pandemic, a growing aging population, mental health awareness, and corporate responsibility are driving the demand for specialized social workers.  Social work is a dynamic profession that continually adapts to changing environments. Chart your unique course of study to

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Systems Engineering vs. Related Disciplines

A phone that fits in your pocket yet has enough processing power to provide information at the touch of a button. A rocket launched into space. A wildfire detected with aerospace applications and quickly controlled. In each of these examples,

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How to Inspire Lasting Change in Organizations

For the past several months, US media outlets have been abuzz with debate about an ongoing “Great Resignation.” Why are so many people quitting? How long will the trend last?  Many questions remain, but one fact is certain: A lot of

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How to Negotiate Salary for Your Next Job

So, you’ve received a job offer and you’re excited about the opportunity. Congratulations! What’s next? Take the first offer they put on the table? Try to negotiate? First, research your worth. Before you get to the job offer, research what

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Successfully Change Careers

5 Ways to show prospective employers your transferable skills Recently I’ve spoken to several alums who would like to make a move to a new job or to a career in a new field. They are curious how to convince

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A CSU graduate holds her diploma

Helping CSU Students Navigate Their Future

At CSU, we strive to support students in planning for their future.  During orientation, many parents and family members share that one of their top hopes is for their student to get a good job after graduation. Family members, faculty,

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