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How to Create a Better Virtual Meeting Experience

Few things are more discouraging than seeing the listless, glazed-over expressions of your attendees during a virtual meeting. Of course, it’s possible their entire week has been jam-packed with multiple e-meetings. People are much more likely get “Zoom fatigue” when they’ve been overloaded. On

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Move Forward Faster

Don’t miss out on summer road trips, campfires, and baseball games. Take advantage of flexible, online, accelerated courses that fit into your summer plans. Focus on one or two courses this summer. Fast-track your progress. Earn your degree ahead of

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5 Ground Rules for Online Classroom Discussion

Somehow, online course discussions tend to spiral out of control quicker than in-person debates. Whether we can attribute this to the distance between discussants, misinterpreting intentions due to a lack of visual and audio cues, general courage from having digital

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Is Online Education Better?

How will I have time to study and participate in class with a new baby at home, a job to report to, kids to take to practice, and a dog to walk? Many adults have concerns about continuing their education.

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