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Thinking Through Going Back to School: What Kind of Program?

In this installment of our “Thinking Through Going Back to School” series, we begin to shift the focus to deciding what to study. Should I get a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree? Should I start with online courses? What master’s degree should I get? Before searching for specific programs, you should first …

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Tips for Healthy Relationships

Volunteering – Help Yourself While Helping Others

Are you stressed out because you are unemployed and need extra experience to put on your resume? Or, are you trying to change your career and want to learn more about the industry you are now interested in? Or, are you simply stressed at work and need something outside your job to help you relax and feel better about yourself? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I recommend volunteering. Whether you are doing it for your career or for yourself, volunteering is a great way to meet new people while helping others.

online learning tips

Advantages of Online Learning

One of the many differences between online vs. traditional education are the benefits of online learning like completing your education in the comforts of your own home. Most college universities require first year students to live on campus. As an online student, you have the freedom and flexibility to control many aspects of your learning environment.

Why are we here?

Why Public Institutions Are Best-Suited to Serve Adult Students

Today’s growing student debt reflects growing higher education demand, shortage of supply, price increases, a few unscrupulous players who leverage the 90% of tuition federal student debt rule for investor profits, and cut-backs in state support of traditional campuses. The solution is competition from public providers at in-state pricing that can grow to serve the needs of millions of adult students.

Paying for College

Free School?

Let’s face it: school is expensive. Sometimes very expensive and that cost is still rising. In today’s economic climate (or perhaps, in any economic climate), not many people have thousands of spare dollars lying around to pay for higher education and not everyone qualifies for scholarships. Many people (myself included) have made it through higher education by eating lots of spaghetti, working part time at random jobs and accepting debt from student loans. However, this is not practical or workable for many life situations. When not used with caution, student loans can add up quickly and the results can be overwhelming.

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